A Boost Before the Holidays!

I wanted to finish the semester strong but I’m struggling. My brain just isn’t working for me like normal! My creative juices have all flowed into some mysterious portal that has opened to help keep me from losing my mind in this crazy 2020 madness!

Then, someone shared this adorable commercial. I loved it and knew I wanted to use it in my classroom:

Normally, I do a lot of movie talks but those have been less successful in the hybrid/full remote setting! Pear Deck works GREAT in this new world! It’s so easy to throw some screenshots into a Google Slides and then add the Pear Deck questions with the add-on!

We did this slide show today in levels 2-4 and EVERYONE was engaged! It was great! It made our class time fly by! I couldn’t believe it! In every hour, our discussion of the slides took about 30 minutes so we had just enough time to watch the video so they could find out what happened to the man! Just be sure you have Pear Deck as an add on in your Drive and you should be able to make a copy and use this with your own classes!

While we DID discuss the things in the questions, we also built a bit of a back story as we talked. For example, after we had the man’s name and description, we began discussing one student’s suggestion that he was sad because he was alone. They decided he hadn’t seen his family in a while. Or when we saw the pictures of him as a younger man, they said he’d run in the Olympics and wanted to train to be Mr. Senior America.

Hopefully this little freebie will give you a fun day of connecting with your students too!

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