ACTFL is One Month Away

ACTFL is such a rush. There are so many people. The exhibit hall is so huge. There are more sessions than you could go to in a year of PD hours. It is a bucket list conference for sure. Are you going? Is it your first time? Are you on the fence?

This year the ACTFL site is our nation’s capital! If you’ve been thinking of going and just haven’t made the final arrangements, it’s time! So many things in DC are free, you can get a ton of great PD and slip in some visits to national monuments in your free time!

I’m presenting a whopping FIVE TIMES this year!

On Thursday, I am presenting an ACTFL full day pre-conference workshop on how to find all the input! Teaching with 90% TL is the goal but we have to have a whole arsenal of input based weapons to make that happen! From sustainable development goals to reading to short films and music, we’ll dig out the language from all kinds of resources!


On Friday morning, I am presenting with Jim Wooldridge. A couple of years ago we did a series of video tutorials about how to teach with a graphic novel. In this workshop we’ll be deepening that discussion and sharing the best practices as you bring this powerful medium to your class reading!


On Friday afternoon, I am presenting on assessment! There are so many ways to assess in a world language classroom!


On Saturday morning, I am presenting with Jim again. This time we want to share how to cook up powerful learning with and the input packed ‘nugget’ curriculum!


On Saturday afternoon, I am presenting with Kristy Placido and Carol Gaab about the powerful acquisition students experience through Fluency Matters readers! We want to help you dive deep into planning for proficiency! Come take the plunge with us!


Mine are just a handful of the sessions you can attend at ACTFL in DC. If you haven’t signed up yet, visit and do it today! Pre-conference workshops are $185 through 10/30 and $210 after!

Hope to see you there! It is DEFINITELY somewhere to share.


  1. Hi Carrie: can you please give me a breakdown of your topics that you will give in your PRE-CONFERENCE? Is it geared to beginning CI teachers or intermediate? Thanks!

    • It is basically a toolkit of the ways I provide input and then the types of output students get ready for as they grow in proficiency. It is not a how to on being comprehensible or on story telling! It is definitely about backward designing the experiences that will make students feel like acquisition is fun and effortless yet acquire a ton! Does this help?

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