I have SO many units. I mean… I can’t possibly fit in all the amazing units I own. My friends are so creative. TPT is so full of ideas. I can’t stop writing units about the SDGs… It’s sort of like I am a materials hoarder!

But… I love Lin-Manuel Miranda. And… as it turns out, In the Heights is about to become a feature film. So I clearly MUST introduce my students to him this year! But where does it go??

What if there were a series of ‘bookends’… cultural lessons that could serve as warm up and wrap up of the class period… but that still allowed me to teach the content I am focusing on during the majority of the class period?? What if I could start the hour with a soundtrack of Lin-Manuel songs and a beautiful LMM quote and end the period with some type of literacy based activity about his life and work? Well, we’re about to find out! I made it and I’m going to give it a try!

This packet includes:

Banda sonora – daily song and evaluation sheet

Citas de LMM – daily inspirational quotes from Lin-Manuel

Biography in colors – a reading comprehension activity

A 10 page reader about how Lin-Manuel decided to pursue his dream.

Twitterature – a peek inside Lin-Manuel’s amazing Twitter presence. He’s an uplifting guy, follow him now!

and readings about his two most famous musicals, Hamilton and In the Heights.

I hope you love it! If this is a hit with my students, I am going to make a series to let them get to know some of the amazing Latino leaders in the US!

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  1. Up to what grade level are the activities applicable? What levels also do they cater to on the ACTFL proficiency scales? Thanks.

    • The soundtrack activity is suitable for all audiences! The quotes are definitely more into the high intermediate but could be enjoyed by lower level students if they had help! The color biography and other readings are targeted for 2+! They’re a high intermediate to maybe some intermediate low words!

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