It’s that time of year! Every time I open up social media, I see new pictures of my friends back in their classroom or of their kids headed off to the first day of a new year! It makes me SO happy to see the joy oozing out as we all get back to school.

In the spring I shared my Scope and Sequence for all levels of Spanish at SCHS. In this scope and sequence, I embedded links to the materials we use. I’ve heard that the materials we use cost roughly $900 per level of language for a grand total of $3600. What a way to adopt a new curriculum! My last textbook adoption was over $10000 and I hated that book!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 21, TPT is hosting its annual Back to School booster sale! Imagine getting 25% off the pieces that we use from teacher authors on the site! That makes adoption even less!

If you’re on the cusp of a change in your curriculum or if you’ve been textbookless for a long time, a sale is a great way to add new tricks to your toolbelt! Use the code BTSBoost18 to get the full discount!


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