Mar de plástico Centers

Yesterday was “¿Qué es el océano?” day. In this Center activity, my students read infographics, tweets, and talked to me about what the ocean is.  I had the chance to introduce them to the 5 oceans of the world, to find out what they were learning from the other centers, and to see what they remembered from their Mar-mory memory game the Thursday before!  They had the chance to investigate the topic on their own, to show off what they could produce, and to ask me questions to clear things up!  It was GREAT conversation!  The 5 minute center time made it go quickly and we were able to get through all 7 centers AND have a post-center discussion in our 48 minute period.

Here’s a little clip of one of the question/answers at our “chat” center.

I had to start a little behind some of the other teachers using the unit and I am SO excited to be digging in!

Full unit

2 week adaptation

1 week mini

Today, we moved on to the next activity in the full unit, Ocean Threats.  Students had to identify which threats they thought were severe/moderate/or minor and why.  We finished by sharing what groups had selected as the greatest ocean threat!  All groups (and I) picked the same one!! We are never unanimous about anything! We ended the hour watching the Lonely Whale commercial “Stop Sucking” and their homework is to ditch the straw tonight and tweet their drink #sinpopote with the hashtag #nochupo.

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