Mar de plástico: en acción

I had one more reader based unit to finish before I could wrap up the year with my Mar de plástico unit! I have been so excited to start!

Today we did the unit hook: how biodegradable is it? I brought a bag of “trash” and we sorted it out via 4 corners.

They used Spanish to categorize and argue why they felt an item belonged. In a particular category!

After we finished categorizing and I helped lead them to the correct answers, they created a graphic representation of their data.

When they finished, we hung their graphs in the hallway! It is fun to see other students (even those who don’t take Spanish) looking at them!

93E99BD1-B2D9-4F91-944A-2C7FB6DA6567I also printed and prepped the Mar-mory game for tomorrow!

We will share as we go through the unit! Hope it helps as you do as well!

Abridged unit (2 week)

Mini unit (1 week)


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