March Music Madness

We are getting ready to have our yearly competition!  Huge shout-out to SpanishPlans for bringing this idea to classrooms across the US.  You had a GREAT idea!  My students have been asking for a month if we were doing this again and were glad to see the brackets go up today!

I’m sharing our songs.  I just print these out and hang on the wall.  Nothing fancy for sure!  I draw the bracket pieces on white paper or if I hang them on the white board, just directly on there.  🙂  Then hand write the name of the song that advances.

Can’t wait to see our winner! March Madness 18

5 thoughts on “March Music Madness

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! One possible correction: the document says “Corazon/JBalvin” but I think it is by Maluma (according to Spotify, anyway)

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