Back to School Door Decor

Did you take pictures in class last year?  Lots of them?  I did!  I shared them on Twitter under our school’s hashtag #SalemWildcatPride and in presentations that I have done this summer but I want my students to see them!  I want them to remember all of the great times we had last year as we begin another year together… So I am going to decorate my door with all of our great moments from last school year!

I went through my pictures and found 40 that represent a great sample of all that we did last year and put them in my cart at!  It was only $4 to print them all!!!

I’m going to hang black bulletin board paper over my door, post pictures and the attached Instagram bulletin board cut outs!  I made hashtags that represented some of the things we did and I’m planning to hang the Instagram logo at the top corner of the door!  I’ll post pictures when it is finished but I just couldn’t wait to share!

Attached find the Instagram Bulletin Board PDF and the Instagram Bulletin Board editable word document if you want to make an Instagram door to welcome your students back too!

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