Permission Please?

As teachers, we always want to share what we’re doing with our students in the classroom but are also faced with the dilemma of how to share responsibly!  One of my long-standing policies is to send home a blanket permission slip at the beginning of each school year that introduces parents to my classroom and also asks them to give permission in advance for class activities throughout the year.  It has served me well and I thought I’d share in case you’re looking at making something similar!  I use KG Fonts to create my documents (they are free for non-commercial use!  Be sure you pay for a license for EACH font you plan to use if you are going to sell items on TPT!).  I am including the Permission Please PowerPoint in an editable form if you’d like to change it to suit your classroom and also in Permission Please PDF Form so you can see what it looks like with the “Second Chances Solid” font I used!20_



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