For Learner by Teacher or for Native by Native? Try both!

In Spanish 3/4 we are reading the novel Frida Kahlo from Fluency Matters.  Our focus is the difference in how we truly see Frida, pain and flaws included, in her self portraits but our selfies tend to reflect a polished and filtered version of who we are.

This novel gives me the opportunity to reach out through social media, literature for learners, but also authentic resources.

In Ch 3 we read how Frida contracted Polio as a small child.  Today we will read chapter 4 and learn how her leg was affected by the disease.  Our selfie of the day will be a body part we are self conscious about.  (I’m going with my second chin!) My authentic resource today is a group of infographics about vaccination schedule, reasons to vaccinate, and problems these diseases can cause!

Bring any and all reading materials you can find into the classroom!  You’ll never regret time spent reading!


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