Blow your Colleagues’ Minds: For real!

Are you trying to make a paradigm shift with little success?  How about a little game with your colleagues!?

How much do they know about ACTFL’s proficiency guidelines?  Play this little game with them and let them see how unrealistic many of our goals in language programs throughout the years have been!!

Top two reminders:

  • In many states, language teachers must be Advanced Low proficiency on the OPI exam to get certification.
  • In those same states, many teacher candidates without study abroad (and even some with) struggle to get past intermediate high.

To play the game:

  • Print all sheets. (Enough copies for groups of 3-4)
  • Cut apart the writing and speaking descriptors.
  • Allow the teacher groups time to place the descriptors beneath the level they think is being described.
  • When teachers are finished grouping, reveal the secret… ALL of these descriptors are either Advanced Low or Intermediate High!  Teacher candidate level.  Bold represents Advanced Low.
  • Look together at these descriptors and discuss how many we have been expecting as early as level 2 (perfection with past tenses) for years!!!
  • Discuss ways to design a curriculum that truly moves students toward Intermediate High proficiency!
  • Preparing the Troops Game


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