Salad Bowl with Robo en la Noche

We had the BEST time today and I actually have no idea how to officially play salad bowl!  It’s the story of my life!  I’m a visual learner and need to play once to “get it”… but I have heard so many brags about salad bowl I just did what I thought sounded right and it was FUN!  

I made cards that review some new vocab from chapters 1-6 of Robo en la noche by Kristy Placido available on! They could also be used for a Rainforest unit!! 

The cards are available as a free download on my TPT page! I also gave the detailed instructions of how we used them in class (which may or may not exactly be salad bowl).

I have my own little laminator (which I highly recommend) so I made a nice set of cards with cardstock and laminate!

With the cards in a deck (rather than bowl) in the middle, students sat in a circle on the floor and numbered off 1,2,1,2…

The first student on team 1 drew a card and had 20 seconds to describe the word without saying it!  Teams got a point for each word the team could guess.  And several teams got 2 words in a 20 second period!

We played all the way around and then did a second round in which they couldn’t talk, only gesture! This round was cut short in all classes by the bell… but it was FUN!

It took a while to prep the game but it was worth it!  We had a great time, used a lot of Spanish, and I can reuse it next year!!


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