Around the World Quiz

We are finishing up the novel Felipe Alou by Carol Gaab in Spanish 2.  It has been a great novel study but I’m always looking for ways to change up how we read!

Yesterday, since Ch 10 is an easy solo read, I had students individually read the chapter and create a 6 question comprehension quiz (in Spanish) about it.

After the quizzes were all created, I turned on some music and we got moving!  I call it the “around the world” quiz.

Each time the music played, students would move to the next seat and answer the next question on the quiz.  When the music stopped, they stood and rotated to the next spot in order to answer the next question!

It was fun to see them answering each other’s questions and at the end, they got to see how well their classmates did on the quiz they created!


  1. Did you have them write their names on the questions they were answering so that you could see how everyone was doing individually? Or did you collect them all as a class-wide pulse-check, or did you just observe as they were doing it?

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