Review Balloons

After finishing the first four chapters of Brandon Brown wants a dog, it was time for a review!  I selected 12 important events, printed them out, and cut them into strips.  I put one strip in each balloon (throw in some empty balloons for a fun and frustrating challenge)

In two teams, students raced to pop the balloons and bring the strips back to their team’s basket! 

Once all papers were collected in the basket, teams had to order the events as quickly as possible. 

It was a fun and fast (5min) interpretive reading with a twist!  

7 thoughts on “Review Balloons

  1. This sounds like so much fun, Carrie! But it lasted only five minutes in class? How much time did you put into the planning? And blowing up all those balloons? I remember once when I planned a similar activity and it took me hours to personalize it. I had originally planned for the activity to take 20-30 minutes–and it took them less than 10 minutes to complete. Naturally, I was scrambling for something else for them to do!

  2. Great idea…but the name/skeletons in the wall in the background caught my eye! How did they make them?

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