Chapter 6- Reading Club continues 

I’m still so pleased with how the reading groups are working!
In Spanish 3 today, we were on Chapter 5… Somehow I feel like it is the most important one.  There’s something about meeting this handsome soldier who will become our antagonist that just makes his plan, and in fact his whole power struggle, an anchor of the story.  So we read in a large group today!  We did most of the Chapter 5 TG quiz together after reading and as their assessment I had then do #2 on the quiz, a short writing about how Ignacio might put his plan into action! 
In Spanish 4, groups read their chapters and then did a “10 word summary”.  I love doing it!  For each page (1/2 or longer) they have to summarize what happened in exactly 10 words!  They really have to use their language to make the sentences exactly right!

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