Day 1- Spanish 3 and 4 novel studies

In Spanish 3 we are reading La hija deal sastre.  Students had already completed their confidence survey and today met the members of their groups.  In both sections, grupo Alfa had 5 members, all of whom indicated they needed a little extra help.  We read chapter 1 together and discussed during and after the reading!

Grupo Cooperativo had a group A and B both with 4 members.  They read together and proved comprehension by creating a comic strip that summarized the chapter. 

Grupo Independiente read and answered the questions from chapter 1 of the Teacher’s Guide!  

No one requested a transfer and everyone stayed on task all hour!  I’d give day 1 an A-!

In Spanish 4 we are reading different novels!  The strongest group is reading La Guerra Sucia!  They get the lounge this week!

The history fans are reading Rebeldes de Tejas and have claimed the bean bags! 

And the ecologists are reading Noche de Oro!  They remember so much about Robo en la noche!  Great way to get them thinking about past reads!  They’re stuck at the tables this week but I promised that we would rotate next week!

Everyone, no matter the book, summarized in a comic strip!  It will be a nice review of the story on discussion Thursday!

All groups were right on task and had no trouble understanding! I give the Spanish 4 novel readers a solid A!  


  1. Sounds awesome! I have done this in my lovel 4 now a couple of times. They love the choice. I just mentioned how I would love to do different novels for our level 2 kids. Maybe I can see how you are doing this in 4.
    Love your sharing!

  2. love this! couple questions: do you do this for lower levels? how many students do you have?

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