A Great Presentational and Interpretive Mode Review Game!

Spanish 2 just finished reading the novel “Noche misteriosas en Granada.”  It is super engaging and is a great way to introduce Spain’s Moorish history via a novel!  

The suggested final review in the teacher’s guide was so much fun and I think it would work well with ANY novel, film, or story!

First student groups of four drew pictures of different events from the novel on a piece of butcher paper!  

Each group wrote two sentences (on separate index cards) about each picture.  When the sentences were written, they scrambled them and set the 8 cards in the center of the paper.


Then groups moved clockwise from table to table trying to match the sentences to the correct picture!  They had a great time and a great review of the story before our final writing presentation!

Give it a try!  The novel too!  We loved it!



    • I had students write for different pictures so they wouldn’t recognize the writing! Each kid wrote cards for 2 different people’s pictures

    • In level 2, I usually have my final assessment be a comparison between a book and a film or a summary of the book! My focus is on getting them to add lots of detail to their writing! With this reader, we did a summary!

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