Found Poems

I saw a GREAT pin on Pinterest last week from an English teacher who did “found poems” with his classes.  They were beautiful!  And it made me think that they would be a great way to recycle our songs!!! 

The idea of a found poem is that you take an existing print source (article, story, song, poem) and select words that make a new poem! 


This one is one of my favorites!  The song Todo Cambió by Camila talks about changing from black and white to color… So she drew the change in the eyes and flower!  

One thing I would do differently is proof the lyrics better before printing them.  I pulled them of in a hurry and there were some spelling errors… Not a huge deal but something to consider!  

Peligro by Reik makes a great poem, but honestly they were all pretty creative!  Here are some more examples







  1. Of COURSE! LYRICS! Why didn’t I think of that? I loved found poems teaching English! Maybe I can add some app smashing to make this work with coro interpretation/presentation…

  2. […] and or text of stories, poetry and/or articles we studied during the unit.  I got this idea from Carrie Toth and have applied it to other levels such as when my Spanish 3 H students about the environment. […]

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