The yellow Brick Road review!

we’re finished!  We listened to the audio book chapter 10 of El Nuevo Houdini and it was time to review for tomorrow’s test!  I already know that my goal is for them to get inside the mind of one of the characters so I want them to be very solid on the details of the novel!


First I made yellow cards that represented events throughout the novel.  I tried not to give too much away and I recycled important structures from the novel! Some examples: se quedó con, se fueron de vacaciones, un beso o un choque! Get a printable copy you can use with ANY reader and in almost any language here.

Then I divided the class into pairs (and a group of 3 first hour)…

I spread them out along the yellow brick roads (I made 2 for my classes of 20-21 and it was very manageable to keep track of both!)


I gave them 90 seconds at each paper to discuss in Spanish what happened at that point in the novel!  They were amazing!  TL was flowing!  Being in groups of 2-3 really made the affective filters low!

My trip of boys got so into it that they even argued about when it was time to move on!

Classroom environment is highly influential when it comes to engagement!  Leaving the room for the hallway was a huge success!  It felt more like fun than learning and they stayed on task so well!

We are all reviewed and ready for the assessment tomorrow!  I give the yellow brick road a big 👍👍!


  1. I am going to use is format to review preterit and imperfect using Caperucita Roja. Thank you so much!

  2. I love this idea. Did you put the structures in order as they appeared in the story or did you mix them up?

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