Reading reinforcement a ‘la Pinterest

I’ve been collecting reading strategy links in Pinterest and am trying to use each one to increase comprehension AND engagement as we read in class. Each time I try a different pin, I’ll share what works well and what is a total flop! Next week we are starting our first novel in Spanish 1 so I’ll be sharing a lot more novice stories but this week the focus was on the upper levels!

As we read Chac Mool in Spanish 3 and Iztaccihuatl y Popocatepetl in Spanish 4 we mapped the story:

It was a GREAT way to help the kids focus on who and where the characters are! As we read, we filled in the post it notes with the pertinent information and when we discussed the stories, they had so much more to say! They really got to know the characters and the story through their maps! I give this reading strategy 2 huge thumbs up!


  1. Love this idea, thanks for sharing! I have a question thou, are the different elements, personajes, entorno, etc color coded? Do you fill these out or do the students? What if you have more students than items?
    Thanks again, SraMonell

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