Syllabi- TPRS/TCI classroom including state and Common Core goals

With so many things that I want to do in class, I revise my syllabi every summer. I am sure I will find some things to add or change but here is what my TPRS/TCI based syllabi look like at levels 1,3,4. If you are just getting started teaching without a textbook or if you are looking for units to add, feel free to borrow whatever you like from my plans. If there is a particular unit that interests you, there is probably a post on the blog with more information!

Syllabus Spanish I

Syllabus Spanish III

Syllabus Spanish IV

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  1. This is great, Carrie! This gives me a better idea of how to organize that information into a syllabus, without having so many details that you end up giving out a 10 page document. Thank you for sharing!!

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