My Mambo lesson with Spanish 1

A long time favorite is our “mambo day!” I teach the kids the steps to the dance and then we spend 20 minutes or so dancing at different speeds to all kinds of songs! In case you don’t know how you would teach a class to Mambo, we recorded today so you could see the tutorial before we turned on the music!

I love to close the day with a couple of rounds of Follow the Leader by Banda del Diablo. I downloaded the song from iTunes after we heard it on a river cruise in Sevilla! The kids love it! We do all of the actions suggested by the verses but during the chorus I make them follow me as I do funny dances (a different one each chorus… Sprinkler, cabbage patch, shopping cart, chacha, moonwalk, disco, etc)! This was the only video I could find on YouTube… Not great but you can hear the song…

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