Encouraging student participation

This is “El Bigote.”
The day after the Oscars, my kids were a little drowsy and not too engaged in the story we were creating and in one of those weird “an idea just hit me” moments, I grabbed a red solo cup and my roll of mustache duct tape to create an Oscar of my own. I added a mustache (inside joke for all of my Spanish 1s this year since the mysterious man in all of their early stories had a mustache on his finger) and named the award “El Bigote.”

El Bigote doesn’t go home with the kids, it stays in our room where it can be re-awarded daily. This is Bella. She won the Bigote for mejor criminal en un carro nuevo. Like all other winners, I took her picture and will add it to our wall of fame.

This is Victor who won best hungry cat in a McFalafel in Saudi Arabia! The award is really perking up both engagement and enthusiasm! Everyone wants to win! They are loving the acceptance speeches best of all!

This is Artística, who won best leprechaun protecting a rainbow. I have gotten so much mileage out of this stupid red cup already! I wish I ha thought of it years ago!!!


  1. This is really cool! What book would help me know what they are doing to get el bigote? Is it just reading the stories or is it creating stories. Remember I know no more than what you both taught me in that 3 hour workshop.

    • We just made up the Bigote in class. It is an award for acting! In level 1&2 we tell a lot of stories. When acting is flat, the Bigote perks them up! Who doesn’t want to win that beauty! Lol

    • The first couple of times I modeled with them and now the majority just ham it up!!! 🙂 a few are shy so I might offer suggestions to get them started!!

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