Outside the box assessments!

To end our Spanish Civil War unit we did a combination of two ideas. @placido’s Imagery in Film and Art project from her blog kplacido.com and a great idea I found on Twitter (I would credit you if I could remember who you were, you genius) to make the art project part art museum and serve the kids sparkling grape juice and appetizers while they looked at and discussed the works! The kids loved it (didn’t feel like an assessment) and I loved grading them! I swear I felt like the Grinch with my heart growing three sizes as I looked at more and more awesome work by my level 3s!!! I am sharing some of the average and a couple of the best both in terms of art and Spanish ability.

Check out our video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCLY9WHSFBs&feature=youtu.be

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