What do you want to change this year?

I start school Monday morning and I am so excited to go back! I get a huge adrenaline rush from all of those new school supplies and first day Spanish 1 students! Their enthusiasm on day 1 is so high! They are in Spanish class an they’re going to learn some Spanish!!! This year, I want to keep that first day high going all year! 🙂 lofty goals!

Last year I began with Ben Slavic’s circling with balls and it was GREAT! We had so much fun and I bonded with my little freshies right away! How can I make the year an all around bonding fest? 🙂 I wish there were a perfect formula!

So what do I want to change? I think that every Monday I want to just ditch the plans and talk about the weekend for as long as they are willing to keep up the input! I think that by the second week they will be able to talk a little about what they did and it’s great exposure to the past tenses in context! (prepping for Houdini by the end of week 6!)

I think that in the upper levels I’m going to channel Kristy Placido and bring in more authentic texts in the form of authentic lit, connections with organizations overseas, and commercials…

Hope back to school is a wonderful time for everyone! Looking forward to hearing about your plans!

As they say on “meet the Robinsons,” Keep Moving Forward!

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