My E-Learning and Social Distancing Plans… and FREE STUFF.

Two weeks ago, my husband and I started buying a few extra things at the grocery store each time we stopped in. “Just in case”. In the back of our minds, I don’t think we ever believed that in 14 days, the whole state of IL would basically shut down. We are facing an unprecedented time as a family and as educators.

I’ve spent the last 7 days working fast and furious with Fluency Matters and Señor Wooly to get plans in the hands of teachers who are facing up to a month of E-Learning for their students. As my classes begin to work from home, here are my 5 major plans.

  1. Connect: At least twice a week we are going to have a “SnapChat” assignment that will get all of our selfies into our class SnapChat story. They’re going to be hungry for interaction, and I hope this helps a little. Twice a week, I will post a video lesson so that students can see and hear me instead of just doing the work from their Schoology accounts.
  2. E-Courses: My level 2 and 3 students are reading from the FREE ECourses that Fluency Matters is offering here. My level 4s are up in the air. We haven’t heard yet whether or not we will see them Monday (our schools officially close Tuesday but I see that some districts are having Monday be a teacher work day). If I SEE them Monday, they’ll take home a copy of La hija del sastre and will do the follow up activities from my post-reading packets: (I’ve made these FREE to help teachers who would like to see their students reading over the break): Reading Follow Ups Spanish, More Reading Follow Ups Spanish, Reading Follow Ups French, More Reading Follow Ups French
  3. Señor Wooly: I am a long time subscriber and curriculum designer at Wooly but for now, you don’t need a subscription to load your students up with musical input! Check out the Señor Wooly Covid plan here. We think the first set of plans will be ready for teachers TODAY (Sunday March 15). We hope to release a couple more in the coming week or two.
  4. SSR: Martina Bex shared an amazing packet of free resources and my department is going to use her materials for some choice reading. Between the choice board and the Revista literal stories, I think I can continue my Tuesday/Thursday 8-10 minute reading time with my classes. IF I see students tomorrow, I will also let them take a book from the class library but I don’t know yet so I’m counting on it being Martina’s stuff for now.
  5. I’m going to take time to PRAISE MY STUDENTS. As the mom of a 14 year old who has lots of questions right now, I know that our students are confused, maybe a little nervous, and also probably going to miss us a lot more than they realize. This isn’t going to replace classroom education. If it COULD, we’d all be posting resumes on INDEED. The thing is, we want to keep them dipping their toes in language. I am going to ask them to turn in work but I know it can’t be of the same quality as it would be if I were with them. I am going to choose to write positive feedback, send bitmojis, and even share my favorites on our class SnapChat. I am going to make sure to give them funny creative projects from the Wooly plans like singing with their family and doodling hilarious lyrics. I want them to feel like they are moving forward and like I am right there with them.

Oh… and as a final note: After school hours, I am going to do some things I never usually have time to do… like read and binge a Netflix show. Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “My E-Learning and Social Distancing Plans… and FREE STUFF.

  1. Carrie, I am always so thankful for your encouragement and ideas! As another IL WL educator, I’m in the same boat as you are! Your reading resources, Sr. Wooly, Garbanzo & Comprehensible Classroom resources, and Fluency Matters are going to keep my students immersed in CI these next few weeks 🙂 I’m so thankful for the outpouring of support for language teachers there has been over the last week or two. Here are a couple things I am going to do to keep MYSELF embedded in the language over the next couple weeks: For a good read, consider Isabel Allende’s new novel “Largo Pétalo Del Mar”. I’m only a couple of chapters in, but it’s great so far! And if you haven’t watched “Siempre Bruja” or “Monarca” yet on Netflix, you definitely should!

  2. Carrie, thank you SO much for sharing your ideas on this digital learning situation that we’ve all been forced into due to this virus. The comforting thing is that we’re all in this together and “No Te preocupes….somos amigos!” Thanks so ALL you do to support your fellow language educators!

    • It is so AMAZING to see how language teachers are all working together for the good of the whole! My friends in other disciplines are all struggling to find things to fill the void. We have a great team, don’t we!!??

  3. Hola Carrie,
    Thanks for a coherent and cohesive post. This made me calm down a bit haha. Reasonable expectations and reasonable behaviors. I have SO MANY recommendations for you!!! Obviously Casa de papel and Chicas del cable, but Alta mar is ok and my big one is SO MANY MOVIES!!!! IF you search certain actors on Netflix, you’ll get suggestions of more and more, but I’ve seen tons of good thrillers and romantic ones with Mario Casas, Blanca Suarez, and if you search the new one with Gina Rodriguez, it will suggest more romcom ones. I watched one set in Lima about a girl who was broken up with, ones from Spain about breakups, currently I’m in the middle of Perdida- a crime thriller. You can also search by country and get some results that way!!!
    Thanks for sharing all your ideas 🙂

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