Scope and sequence: Wildcat Spanish 4

This is the most fluid of all my classes.  In Spanish 4, I try out all my new units.  For example, this year I wrote Plastic Ocean and Viviendas del mundo and I piloted them with this group!  I also bring in current events and topics related to their lives here at school.

This particular group has only had me for two years so with them, I had NOT done some of the Spanish 3 units I normally do so they overlapped with my Spanish 3 class on several occasions.  The units in this scope and sequence are flexible.  I ask students to “choose” things they’d like to study.  If they all hate the idea of music/poetry, I will just drop that one in favor of another but for the most part it gives the illusion of having choice when I really know our path all along!

Spanish 4 scope and sequence

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