Scope and Sequence: Wildcat Spanish 3

By level 3, I love digging into LONG units.  Things we can study and consider and really form opinions about.  I write some of my own units and I use a lot of meatier readers to accompany them.  Although there aren’t as many “units” in my level 3 class, these fill the school year.

I am not tied to any particular order for most of these units!  I do like to do Biodiversity first since the weather is nice and they can get out in the woods but otherwise, I often let them “pick” what we study next.  Really we will study it all anyway but it is fun to give them the choice of what’s next.

Spanish 3 scope and sequence

8 thoughts on “Scope and Sequence: Wildcat Spanish 3

  1. Love how easy it is to follow your scope and sequence and the links! The links are not active for the level 3, is there any way to make the link active? Gracias por compartir!

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    • You caught a big boo-boo for me!!! I had updated the documents so that they reflected what we did this year and then forgot to re-add the links!!! I will try to get them done this weekend!

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