Scope and Sequence: Wildcat Spanish 1

We left the book behind in favor of units that provide tons of input and opportunities to show what they KNOW not what we want them to practice until they know. The Somos curriculum by Martina Bex has been a life saver as I’ve transitioned to a new position and my colleague has taken the leap into CI for the first time!  This is the scope and sequence we created for our ones at SCHS!

Spanish 1 scope and sequence

7 thoughts on “Scope and Sequence: Wildcat Spanish 1

  1. I am amazed by all that you cover in one year. While I use many of the same resources in middle school, I can only get through about half of this material.
    Thank you for sharing these! They are VERY helpful!

  2. Do you get through all of these units in one year? Does Level I start in ninth grade? How long are your classes? How many preps do you have?

    • Hi! This is level one (open to 9-12). We have 48 minute classes 4 days per week and 42 the other day. I teach 2-4 and my colleague teaches 1-2. We do these units in one school year.

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