Salad Bowl with Robo en la Noche

We had the BEST time today and I actually have no idea how to officially play salad bowl!  It’s the story of my life!  I’m a visual learner and need to play once to “get it”… but I have heard so many brags about salad bowl I just did what I thought sounded right and it was FUN!  

I made cards that review some new vocab from chapters 1-6 of Robo en la noche by Kristy Placido available on! They could also be used for a Rainforest unit!! 

The cards are available as a free download on my TPT page! I also gave the detailed instructions of how we used them in class (which may or may not exactly be salad bowl).

I have my own little laminator (which I highly recommend) so I made a nice set of cards with cardstock and laminate!

With the cards in a deck (rather than bowl) in the middle, students sat in a circle on the floor and numbered off 1,2,1,2…

The first student on team 1 drew a card and had 20 seconds to describe the word without saying it!  Teams got a point for each word the team could guess.  And several teams got 2 words in a 20 second period!

We played all the way around and then did a second round in which they couldn’t talk, only gesture! This round was cut short in all classes by the bell… but it was FUN!

It took a while to prep the game but it was worth it!  We had a great time, used a lot of Spanish, and I can reuse it next year!!


Robo en la noche Ch 4 and the Copier

We had a great time today playing the game “The Copier” recommended to me by Kristy Placido via Cindy Hitz!

We had just read chapter 4 of the novel and students are starting to be familiar with some of the key topical vocabulary words in the novel.  In our version of the game we:

  • Broke into groups of 6 (in one class I had a group of 7 and one a group of 5 but 6 worked for most groups!)
  • Each student had a personal white board and marker.
  • I wrote a list of 8 key words and phrases on the board (el aviario, una jaula, el desayuno, cuidaba, pueden volar, cuenta un chiste, las aves, cortaron).
  • Groups were instructed that they should start with the first word (el aviario) and write a sentence of at least 6 words on their white boards.  The trick is that EVERY board has to be identical.  If they have a typo, they don’t get to advance to the next word!  I also gave them hints about errors like “birds are feminine” or “the cat isn’t a they”… When all were correct AND the same, they could advance to the next word.
  • The first team to complete all 8 words was the winner.  The other teams received a point for every word they had completed.  In one class, the first place team got to sit in the lounge during channel 1, in another they got to leave first… all depended on the timing of the class period!

This game was a lot of fun, it was a great way to review the action of the chapter and it was an easy pop up grammar lesson for students (level 2) who are into the intermediate zone and are ready to polish more!