Round Two: Lesson Plans for the week anyone? Addressing Learning Styles with Style! SHARE!

I’ve been working hard this year to address students’ different preferred learning styles in my lessons.  For the auditory, there is always a lot of CI, for the visual there is a lot of reading and the new vocabulary is on the board, for the kinesthetic learners there are always hands on activities and for the musical I am amping up the use of this year.  I’ve done a ton of music, they love the pop music for sure, but what they love about Wooly is that they KNOW the songs, they know the words, they know what it means and can remember every word.  So this week’s Spanish 2 and 3 movie talks are based on Wooly’s music and the other on a video I found on Kara Jacobs blog!

Spanish 2 lesson plan: Monday, MovieTalk the video from Sr. Wooly’s website ( GET A SUBSCRIPTION!  There is cool stuff to come!!) Read 10 minutes of FVR

Tuesday FVR 10 minutes, Billy reading version A with lots of CI questions and adding details.

Wednesday FVR 10 minutes, Billy reading version B with less adding details.  Billy manipulatives

Thursday Powerpoint, photostory with a friend (retell the story together) and then call GoogleVoice

Billy la Bufanda A Billy la Bufanda B Billy la Bufanda manipulatives Billy la Bufanda photo story Billy La Bufanda

Spanish 3 lesson plan: Same as Spanish 2 but with the video La Dentista because we’re heading into our supernatural unit! Love that one!

Dentista Photo Story La Dentista A La Dentista B La Dentista manipulatives La dentista powerpoint

Spanish 4 lesson plan: Same as 2 and 3 but with the YouTube video Runaway- Refrigerator Chillie Click here!

Runaway A Runaway B Runaway manipulatives Runaway Photo Story Runaway

Please share with colleagues who are looking to incorporate more CI but just feel overwhelmed creating the materials!

18 thoughts on “Round Two: Lesson Plans for the week anyone? Addressing Learning Styles with Style! SHARE!

  1. Carrie your are amazing! I thank you kindly for sharing all of your hard work. My kids will love these!!!!

  2. Carrie, I want to thank you for being so generous and helping us newbies implement CI lessons. A question came up on the iFLT/NTPRS FB group about planning when you have 4 preps. (that teacher has 2-AP) I have 1-4. Do you start by making a different sylllabus for each level? Then look for activities to meet those needs? My thought is looking at AP and the themes and then backward planning so all our”units” hit those themes. Then, when students get to AP we have some base vocabulary.

    I guess the real question is how do you plan for 4 preps without losing your mind? Use one source–like a movie clip and bump the structures up and down depending on the level? Gracias!

    • When I started using TPRS/TCI, I kept my same syllabus and just storified it. I gradually transitioned over 2 yrs so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed! Now when I create new units, I share with the TCI group and borrow from them to lessen the load! So many good units already backward planned and on blogs for free!!!

  3. love the video on Chille..but not sure how to use it for my class. Do you turn the volume off and have students write out the scenes??

    • I use the movie talk technique. I turn off the sound, stop and tell the story with the class in TL. Then I follow up with readings and retelling as they learn the vocabulry

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  5. Carrie, would you explain a bit how you add details to the Wooly readings? Are you acting them out as you read? Or just reading and asking questions?

  6. Hi Carrie! What do you have students do with the manipulatives? Do you cut them up and have them put them in the order of the story? Thanks! I have used a bunch of your free and TPT materials.

    • I use manipulative activities a lot. Some of my favorites are to cut apart comparisons and do a Venn diagram on the floor, to order events by making a paper chain, and to match questions w answers! I use them because (especially in level 2) I have a lot of kids with a lot of energy

    • I use them to play CI flyswatter, to retell the story, to play slap! CI flyswatter is just giving full sentences rather than words! They use a feather! Slap they have to be the first to slap the card I say!

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