Round Two: Lesson Plans for the week anyone? Addressing Learning Styles with Style! SHARE!

I’ve been working hard this year to address students’ different preferred learning styles in my lessons.  For the auditory, there is always a lot of CI, for the visual there is a lot of reading and the new vocabulary is on the board, for the kinesthetic learners there are always hands on activities and for the musical I am amping up the use of this year.  I’ve done a ton of music, they love the pop music for sure, but what they love about Wooly is that they KNOW the songs, they know the words, they know what it means and can remember every word.  So this week’s Spanish 2 and 3 movie talks are based on Wooly’s music and the other on a video I found on Kara Jacobs blog!

Spanish 2 lesson plan: Monday, MovieTalk the video from Sr. Wooly’s website ( GET A SUBSCRIPTION!  There is cool stuff to come!!) Read 10 minutes of FVR

Tuesday FVR 10 minutes, Billy reading version A with lots of CI questions and adding details.

Wednesday FVR 10 minutes, Billy reading version B with less adding details.  Billy manipulatives

Thursday Powerpoint, photostory with a friend (retell the story together) and then call GoogleVoice

Billy la Bufanda A Billy la Bufanda B Billy la Bufanda manipulatives Billy la Bufanda photo story Billy La Bufanda

Spanish 3 lesson plan: Same as Spanish 2 but with the video La Dentista because we’re heading into our supernatural unit! Love that one!

Dentista Photo Story La Dentista A La Dentista B La Dentista manipulatives La dentista powerpoint

Spanish 4 lesson plan: Same as 2 and 3 but with the YouTube video Runaway- Refrigerator Chillie Click here!

Runaway A Runaway B Runaway manipulatives Runaway Photo Story Runaway

Please share with colleagues who are looking to incorporate more CI but just feel overwhelmed creating the materials!


Some week long units to start the year. Please share!

First, this unit is COMPLETELY inspired by Cynthia Hitz (check her out on

Last year, my colleague Paige started the year with a unit she designed around a commercial for BHD Bank called Cactus.  Cactus and the Bank  Her unit is designed to turn a movie talk into a week long unit with embedded reading, slide show, screenshots to retell the story from… It is great!

El Cacto CLOZE El Cacto y El Banco Embedded Reading Photo Story

This year, I created two further units, one for Spanish 3 and one for Spanish 4… but neither is level specific.  Just a good way to review some past tense, get a few reps of some subjunctive structures, and add a little new vocabulary… specifically some good transition words.

For Spanish 3 I am using this commercial for Directv called Parecidos

Parecidos PhotoStory Parecidos Slide Show Parecidos Parecidos Cloze

For Spanish 4 I am using this commercial for Saga Falabella called Atrévete Cambia

Atrevete Cloze Atrevete Embedded Reading Atrévete photo story Atrévete slide show

My lesson plans are pretty simple:  Monday in all 3 levels we will do a movie talk of the commercial after our 10 minute free read.  Tuesday, we will do the slide show after free reading and will read version A of the story.  Wednesday we will watch the video one more time, we will read version B, and then we will sit in a circle on the floor with printed screenshots on the floor in the center.  Students will pick up the screenshots and describe them, tell what happened in the story, ask questions, etc. as a class discussion.  Thursday we will read 10 minutes then practice retelling with the photo story page with a friend.  They will write out the story from the photos alone for an assessment.  On Friday they will do the cloze activity as an interpretive assessment and will call my google voice and record the story from the photos.

I hate doing this many hours of work and then not getting a ton of use out of them so please borrow and share!

The Silly Effect and

I’ll admit it, I love deep thinking.  I have some units that dig deep into war, human rights, poverty, water crisis…. And at the end of it all, what did my seniors’ exit surveys say last year?  We need to lighten the mood a little… They missed the days of funny stories and silly songs.  So this year, I’m resurrecting the stuff that made them want to take upper level Spanish in the first place… the silliness.

They’re 16,17, and 18 years old.  They are still kids.  All the heavy content, all the deep discussions… they’re able but is that ALL that Spanish can be for them?  Can it not ALSO be something they really enjoy because they get to laugh and have a good time?

Our first week revolved around 3 favorites, el Banco, Qué asco, and Es una ganga.  In level 2 we have a great (and funny) song lyric full of past tense and direct object pronouns. Those fun little melodies help them get the song stuck in their heads and once it is in there, they are getting reps of the lyrics just because they can’t stop singing it themselves!  I used the song to create a class story about a boy whose pants were stolen!  We got some more direct object pronouns and past tense structures in context!

Spanish 3 watched Es una ganga so that we could work with a past narrative.  The video is light on lyrics but HEAVY on story building capabilities!  They did a great job telling me about the man working in the store and tomorrow we’ll be finding out a lot more about him!

Qué asco  was a targeted choice because I noticed in Spanish 3 that my now 4s were making a ton of Me gusta mistakes.  We listened for 3 days and when they wrote today, all that input that they had in the past plus that little bit of direction from the pop-up video… Oh yeah and the fact that the song is an earworm… was enough to get them using the gusta(n) construction correctly.  Plus they picked up the ever popular “no me gustas”.

If you’ve never give Wooly a try, it is  a great site.  There are songs for everyone and they lend themselves VERY well to a story-telling OR more traditional classroom because the videos provide just the visual every story-teller needs and the lyrics reinforce grammar that students are acquiring in class.

In September, keep your eyes out for the kick off of Señor Wooly’s new PRO site with some awesome upgrades!  Thanks Wooly for making music and reminding us we don’t have to kill them with “rigor”…

Change to Change the World: Introduction to our big idea!

With the start of the new school year, our giving project is kicking off a year long initiative.  Change to change the world!  Every day students are encouraged to dump unwanted pocket change into the jar in our room.


What will we do with the change?  We are going to feed children in rural Nicaragua!  What I love about this mission is that they began the meal packing initiative because teachers in Nicaragua expressed that student performance was hampered by extreme hunger.  Without full bellies, the kids couldn’t focus in school!  This outreach allows us to not only feed the kids but help them improve their education as well.  Read more about the initiative and the organization here:

When we have raised $3000, the foundation will come to our school and my students will get to pack 10,000 meals to be sent to Nicaragua!  It is an amazing experience and I want to share what it looks like to get your students the hands-on ability to make a difference!

Step 1: Volunteers help the foundation set up the room where you’ll be packing!


Step 2: Additional volunteers (around 40-50 is perfect) arrive to begin the roughly 2 hour packing process.  The ingredients are placed in containers and through a series of funnels, scoopers, and scales they are measured out into a chicken flavored, vitamin enriched soup mix.

IMG_2894 IMG_2895 IMG_2896

Step 3: As the bags of mix fill up, they are packed into boxes and prepped for shipment to Nicaragua. Each bag serves 6 so 10,000 meals is NOT 10,000 bags! (If you’re lucky you’ll have enough volunteers that someone can cook up a sample of the soup for everyone to try.  It is pretty good but hard to imagine eating it every day!)


If you’re interested in partnering with us, we could buy and pack even more meals!  Any size donation to the NICE Foundation in our group’s effort would be appreciated.  If you think your group can tackle the $3000 minimum for an on-site meal packing, don’t hesitate to contact them on your own!  We don’t own the idea and just want to feed as many as we can!

The foundation also makes layettes for the rural hospitals, pillow-case dolls and dresses, and so much more!  There is sure to be a project for everyone!  (You can even go right to Nicaragua with them and get your hands dirty for real!)