Creating a perfect Syllabus

In two weeks, I will be starting my 22nd year in the classroom.  It is a monumental year for me because for the first time ever, I will not be teaching Spanish 1.  I LOVE those novices.  I don’t know what I am going to do without their enthusiastic little faces and trouble-making tendencies.  I am also teaching Spanish two for the first time in 4 years!  I have some real planning to do!  There are so many new things available since I last taught it!

As I sat down to revise my syllabi, I wondered if we ever get to a point where we think we have the perfect one???  I spend so much time trying to decide what to keep and what to replace.  What goals will I list to please the Dual Credit program?  What goals do I really have to meet?  How can I squeak past the national average to Intermediate Low Proficiency for most of my students and reward the superstars with the Seal of Biliteracy at Intermediate High?  Is there really any way to do it all?

I don’t have the answers, just another year of tweaking and shaping my units to reflect what I want to share with my students about the language and cultures I love.  If you’re just getting started teaching in the TL or using culture as a basis for your units, maybe these will help you find a starting point!

Syllabus Spanish I

Syllabus Spanish II

Syllabus Spanish III

Syllabus Spanish IV

2 thoughts on “Creating a perfect Syllabus

  1. I have been searching and revising my syllabus all day today! I agree I am always trying to create the perfect one.

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