TCI Training Video available online!

Thanks Martina for collecting all the links in one place! Don’t miss this post (or the video!)

The Comprehensible Classroom

If you missed the live EPC Show #15 this afternoon, have no fear! You can still access the content and engage with the presenters. View the hour-long iFLT15 preview on YouTube (click here), or check out its Google Plus event page to watch the archived show and read through the during and after-show Q&A (click here). You can continue to leave questions for Carol Gaab, Kristy Placido, Carrie Toth, and me on that page and we will do our best to check the page and respond!

If the Hangout left you feeling a little excited and a little overwhelmed, come to iFLT15 this summer. Each of us presented snippets from one of our sessions that are scheduled for iFLT, so you will have an opportunity to dig into each idea shared in a 60-90 minute workshop! iFLT will be an opportunity for new TCI…

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One thought on “TCI Training Video available online!

  1. Thank you for directing us to these videos. I look forward to viewing them and sharing them with colleagues.

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