Guerra Sucia

Spanish 4 is reading the novel Guerra Sucia from @TPRSPublishing.  We have also seen the movie La Historia Oficial.  They are getting the history of the war down really well at this point!  I’ve been telling them all week that Friday would be a special day and we would host one of the Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo who would be able to answer any questions they had about the war!  Yesterday we did some brainstorming, what would we want to know about her??? And we addressed the importance of being formal with our Ud verb forms!  Great fast grammar pop up, by the way!

Inspired by my friend Kristy Placido in Michigan, I dressed as Gloria Reballos and we did an informal, interpersonal speaking say as they asked and answered all sorts of questions!  It was great to see them coming up with new things to talk about as they heard Gloria’s story!  They were really using language!  

I didn’t have access to a real human authentic resource for this unit but Gloria was a good substitute!  It was all the same history they might have read about or that I could have lectured on but it was so much more fun to have them asking and answering the questions to lead the discussion!   


2 thoughts on “Guerra Sucia

  1. I was just in Buenos Aires three weeks ago and witnessed the March of the “Madres de Los Desaparecidos” and I have to say it was very moving. I couldn’t help but get emotional over how strong these mothers have been and how nice it was to see everyone who still supports them and won’t let the memory of their children be forgotten.

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