La hija del sastre- Chapter 5 (personality quiz)

Yesterday after school my colleague, who teaches English I and Spanish II, told me that she was trying to get her students to make personal connections with characters in the novel “And Then There Were None.” I loved the idea and knew it would be a great adaptation to our current Spanish 3 read, La hija del sastre!

On Monday we will be reading Chapter 5, the chapter when readers meet Ignacio, the antagonist. Ignacio’s plan is to win the heart of the protagonist, Emilia, and get her to reveal the secret of her father’s hiding place. As more and more characters enter the novel, I thought it would be a great time to use the same idea that Paige used in her level 1 class… A personality quiz!

They’re all over facebook! Which Disney Character are you? Where should you live? The kids are so familiar with this type of interpretive reading task!

It took a few times of quizzing my family to get the point spreads right at the end! The personality summaries, like in popular magazines, have a little bit of a sassy edge so they may not be appropriate for all classrooms…

El personaje perfecto sastre

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