Storytelling in the 1 iPad classroom: Session notes CSCTFL 15

My top 3 apps for creating presentations to retell, to prompt writing or listening activities, or to “App Smash” for a workshop are Educreations, Explain Everything, and Doodlecast.

Educreations is the easiest and the most colorful. The app is so fast to use that there is zero learning curve and the free version has been great for all my needs! It is easy to use apps like Tellagami with my photo library to create a short prompt for an assessment. With three Minnesota pics and a Tellagami avatar, I can describe my trip in the recording and ask them to tell me how they spent their weekend!

It’s about the NOVELTY that the iPad brings, not the need for “techifying” the classroom! I don’t use it because I think tech makes the stories better, I use it to get more CI without boring them with repetition!

Explain Everything is user friendly, it allows you to export to the camera roll, and it works great to smash together features that you love from photo apps like Aviary and Skitch. This app also allows you to record one slide at a time so if you make a mistake, you don’t have to re-record your whole project.

Doodlecast is sleek and professional looking! It also allows you to record slide by slide! It is a great app for recording lessons to review the story/reading/culture from the day before!

My favorite “cute” apps to smash in for creative presentations are Skit, FeltBoard, Puppet Pals HD (director’s cut), and Sock Puppets! These all allow me to retell stories in a little bit different way!

Tellagami is great (even the free version) for making a little avatar of yourself to give student prompts! It allows you to use your voice (or the voice of a native speaker who is willing to record for you) to make a 30 second recording!

Check out the tech links at For a great list of apps and links to purchase from the great Catherine Ousselin!

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