CSCTFL 15: Global Giving session

I global giving project started 3 years ago with one idea from one freshman girl! It led to an awesome snack shop fundraiser that has helped us donate more than $6000 to charities so far!

Here is how our snack shop works. I use Spanish club funds for our opening inventory. I buy 3 cases of soda per day, 5 dozen donuts, a 24 pack of chips, individual pringles, mini donuts, and rice krispy treats. (Anything that we can sell for $1 per unit and make at least .50 on the item…) Soda and donuts give us the highest margin and the pringles the lowest but they’re really popular.

The first week was our learning curve. We hung posters around the school and advertised on the announcements every day. I spent the first couple of days teaching them how to shop (stop at the basket, drop in dollar…make change if necessary…pick up your items, exit on the opposite side). If I couldn’t be at my desk, a student would fill in for me (or if a class came down at the end of the hour and we hadn’t finished our lesson, they went by the honor system and it worked well because they knew it was to help charities!)

Every day, we deposited part of the money and kept out enough to buy the next day’s supplies. We average 100-115 per day but have had weeks that topped $700! It was a quick and easy fundraiser that beat the HECK out of selling from a booklet!

Here is the slide show in case you want to look at our projects again!

Global Giving

3 thoughts on “CSCTFL 15: Global Giving session

  1. Hi Carrie! Just wanted to tell you that we are re-designing part of our curriculum based on ideas from your presentation! Thank you so much! The ACTFL reviewers who didn’t accept this presentation have no idea the awesomeness that attendees would have gotten 😦

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