Fun with Doodles

In level 4 we are finishing a short unit on the US invasion of Panama during Operation Just Cause. Today, for a Friday creative brain break, we did an activity I learned about from It is called Smash Doodle. I loved the post when I read it and then completely forgot about it until @sraslb Sharon Birch of the famous ElmundodeBirch reminded me this week! I am going to use it with my Mara Salvatrucha study in level 3 next week but wanted to give it a whirl with my level 4’s as a listening activity!

They’ve already learned about Noriega through our documentary . They did a class discussion (which was amazing and deep) about our essential question “was the invasion of Panama responsible or irresponsible?” And today we took a look at what was left of General Noriega’s home in Panama City. I found this video, , on Youtube and it is slow enough that I knew my students would all be able to take something away from it. The Smash Doodle project seemed like a great way to show their comprehension, so we gave it a try. Here are some of the doodles! This group has a long history of struggling to think outside the box but little by little they’re climbing out and putting the lid on it!





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