Appily Ever After

This is a summary of the apps we talked about in the session at Maine TCI this week:

Educreations: great app for students to use, fast and easy to insert pictures, you can draw on the slides as you record, no learning curve! Caveat- once you start recording, you can’t stop, you have to keep going and save or you lose your work!

Explain Everything: great app for presenting, you can have more than one open draft of a presentation so you don’t have to record immediately. You can use it to “app smash” by bringing in pictures and videos from other apps. You can draw and write as you record. A little bit of a learning curve with the buttons but that just means it has more features than educreations!

30 Hands: Another great app for recording using pictures and videos smashed in from other apps. One amazing feature is that you record each slide separately AND can re-record them so if you make a mistake it is super easy to edit. Not quite as fast to use as educreations but it is a great app!

Haiku Deck: Pictures/Words… A great story telling app when you want to build a story from images. Don’t forget that images can help your emerging readers see the story in their mind!

Fun ways to retell stories:
PuppetPalsHD! It is so worth it to buy the director’s cut! You get a lot more characters!!

Strip Design: Create a comic strip style story board.

Felt Board: A labor of love but very cute when you make the scenes on the felt board!

Sock Puppets: A cute, novel way to retell but talk slowly so that your voice isn’t too hard to understand when it is made into a cartoon!

Flipagram: music, voice and pictures combine to make a great story retell!

11 thoughts on “Appily Ever After

  1. I was excited about Educreations but now it’s $99/year subscription. Do you still use it? It used to be the better App for illustrating stories… Ben

    • I use the free version… Wonder if i can still use it bc i downloaded it a long time ago!? It always asks if i want to upgrade but i dont at that price!!

      • I’d really like to know. Would you check? Bc the other story illustrating apps are kinda lunky. Is there one that you think would be easy for a HS student to easily use in class during the story process? Thanks, Ben

  2. Carrie, Thanks so much for sharing so much knowledge and such great ideas this past weekend in Maine! I am so glad I found out about the conference in time, and they had room for me!

    Don’t forget about Tellagami. And I am going to check my app, because I swear there are multiple hairstyles and outfits in my version (from about 2 years ago). I’ll let you know!

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  4. Hi Carrie,
    Thank you for your presentation at ICTFL! I loved it, and I have been trying to experiment with my single class ipad. I definitely need to make better use of it! What was the app that worked similar to a QR code — you can take a picture and when the student holds the ipad up to what you took a picure of it can send them to whatever video or website you’ve linked? I thought I wrote it down, but I can’t find it in my notes. Thanks!

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