Playing doctor

Body parts… Another one of those thematic things that we teach our kids, but how do we keep it in context? I’ve been doing a unit called “Medicina o cura, ¿hay diferencia?” in level 4. I have about 50% interested in some type of healthcare career so I’m trying to incorporate what will be useful to them! We have talked about illnesses, symptoms, how our families use home remedies and medical treatments, all in context… But I needed a good review… So we played doctor!
On Wednesday, we traced our body outlines and labeled all of the parts. Each person had to have a minimum or 3 injuries.

Students worked in pairs and we had all of the clients our medical clinic needed!

Today when they entered, their clients awaited!

They had a form with spaces for: the name of the patient, a description of the symptoms he/she was experiencing, a description of the accident that caused the injuries, and a list of recommendations for treatment!

This got them writing and thinking creatively! It was a great ending to our exploration of medical Spanish!

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