Project Ideas: My recent assessments

I’m all for share and share alike! Please post your ideas for assessments and I will share mine! Below you will find the project guidelines and grading rubric for my Infographic project. Students prepared the infographics, presented them gallery style, and then I displayed them in the hallway for a week or so!

I also included my Public Service announcement project guidelines and grading rubric. They did this project as the summative assessment of a unit on Water. They actually followed it up with a fundraiser with which they bought the water filtration system for the school we adopted! Our next big project is the school’s LIBRARY!!! #rightupmyalley This is the link to the PSA that was voted the class winner! It has quite a tear-jerking ending! They made mistakes but the language is all their own and they worked really hard to make a great video!

Empieza con uno PSA project


Grading Rubric Infographic



Playing doctor

Body parts… Another one of those thematic things that we teach our kids, but how do we keep it in context? I’ve been doing a unit called “Medicina o cura, ¿hay diferencia?” in level 4. I have about 50% interested in some type of healthcare career so I’m trying to incorporate what will be useful to them! We have talked about illnesses, symptoms, how our families use home remedies and medical treatments, all in context… But I needed a good review… So we played doctor!
On Wednesday, we traced our body outlines and labeled all of the parts. Each person had to have a minimum or 3 injuries.

Students worked in pairs and we had all of the clients our medical clinic needed!

Today when they entered, their clients awaited!

They had a form with spaces for: the name of the patient, a description of the symptoms he/she was experiencing, a description of the accident that caused the injuries, and a list of recommendations for treatment!

This got them writing and thinking creatively! It was a great ending to our exploration of medical Spanish!

Revamping the writing assessment: essay to infographic

Spanish 4 Narcoviolencia final Projects: infographics! We have limited access to technology at my school so we often have to low tech our high tech projects. This was no exception.

I wanted students to develop writing skills but also wanted to branch out from the traditional essay! The infographics had to contain 5 headings, 1 chart or graph, 1statistic, and 5 paragraphs of 6 sentences minimum. The paragraphs could be spread out on the infographics to describe the required 5+ pictures.

These are some of the finished products. So much more fun to grade (and create) than essays! We presented them today art gallery style. It is a class favorite to present that way. Half of the students displayed their work and the other half were gallery patrons. I served a meat and cheese tray and sparkling grape juice as they toured the infographics.

They received two speaking grades. One presentational and one interpersonal. Each patron had to visit three displays, the artist gave 5+ interesting facts about their research (presentational speaking grade) and the visitor had to ask two follow up questions of each artist (interpersonal grade for both the questions and answers). It seems hard to listen to everyone at once but it isn’t bad. My classes are both 20 so I was only listening to 10 pairs at a time. Since they had to visit 3 posters, I was able to listen to everyone as I served the snacks!


Encouraging student participation

This is “El Bigote.”
The day after the Oscars, my kids were a little drowsy and not too engaged in the story we were creating and in one of those weird “an idea just hit me” moments, I grabbed a red solo cup and my roll of mustache duct tape to create an Oscar of my own. I added a mustache (inside joke for all of my Spanish 1s this year since the mysterious man in all of their early stories had a mustache on his finger) and named the award “El Bigote.”

El Bigote doesn’t go home with the kids, it stays in our room where it can be re-awarded daily. This is Bella. She won the Bigote for mejor criminal en un carro nuevo. Like all other winners, I took her picture and will add it to our wall of fame.

This is Victor who won best hungry cat in a McFalafel in Saudi Arabia! The award is really perking up both engagement and enthusiasm! Everyone wants to win! They are loving the acceptance speeches best of all!

This is Artística, who won best leprechaun protecting a rainbow. I have gotten so much mileage out of this stupid red cup already! I wish I ha thought of it years ago!!!