Summer Conferences, CSCTFL, state conferences, and ACTFL in 2014

When was the last time you attended your state’s language conference?  Have you ever considered presenting?  How about your regional conference?  Have you ever shared what you’re doing in your classroom with others there?  ACTFL?  That’s a big one!  Have you thought of proposing before the January 15 deadline? 

Conferences are so important.  Yes, they often cost us money out of pocket because there isn’t funding these days for teacher training but you come home from a conference energized and full of new ideas to create little language learners in your classroom!  As I sit and stare at the foot of snow in my yard, I am thinking warm thoughts of CSCTFL in March, iFLT in Denver in July, NTPRS in Chicago in July, and ACTFL in November in San Antonio!  I encourage you to start saving your pennies (and dollars) to attend one (or many) of these conferences!  If you are in IL, don’t forget ICTFL in October! 

Wherever you go for training, don’t forget to step OUT of your comfort zone.  If the workshop title is 20 tricks for memorizing vocab lists or  The magical world of preterite and imperfect, run away!  Find titles that represent a truly communicative classroom alive with language!  Attend things that will encourage you to grow and to seek out ways to beef up the amount of TL in your classroom rather than tricks and games that don’t promote authentic communication!

Do you already teach in a high TL environment?  PROPOSALS, PEOPLE!!! We need people (new and old) to propose sessions and workshops at ALL conferences!  Sessions that will advance the study of language and promote acquisition!  Maybe you think you don’t do anything special in your classroom, but I am sure you do!!!  Try to think of just one thing you might share with peers about what makes your students love learning language and try to develop a session from there!!! 

Hoping to see lots of CI based sessions at ALL of the upcoming conferences!  Attend as many as you can!  Hope to see you there!!

2 thoughts on “Summer Conferences, CSCTFL, state conferences, and ACTFL in 2014

  1. Will you be going to NTPRS in Chicago in July? I just found your blog through a link from Martina Bex and am finding SO many fantastic ideas here. I am originally from the Chicago area, but I live and teach in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I am planning to go to NTPRS in Chicago in July and hope to connect with you there. You are definitely an inspiration, and for a teacher like me, I have SO much to learn. I am in my 4th year of language teaching, yet this is actually my 1st year teaching Spanish, which is what my training/certification is in. Before this I taught ESL and Potawatomi (native language) on a Native American Reservation. Anyhow, I teach Spanish levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 and am SO looking forward to revamping my curriculum this summer. For me, the goal is always using comprehensible input and as much TPR-S as possible. Thank you for sharing all that you do here on this blog! I wish I had found it at the beginning of the year, but I’m excited to find more ideas for my teaching that’s ahead of me. I hope we can be in touch!! ~ Melissa

    • I will be at NTPRS on Thursday and Friday! Maybe Wednesday too… I have iFLT the week before so I think I’ll skip the first couple days in Chicago! I’m presenting both Thurs and Fri, I think! Looking forward to connecting!!

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