Something to start the year with!

Paidesport- Un gimnasio español

I love Zachary Jones’s Miaucoles cats! My son and I are both big fans of LOLcats in general! The commercial he posted today is hysterical and I plan to use it as soon as school starts (10 days for me). I created a little slide show to help cover the language used in the commercial so that it is really C.I! I will show the commercial, run through the slideshow and talk about it in Spanish, then show the commercial again. We’ll finish with a talk about marketing products. Thank you, Zachary for always finding the cool stuff! #quemola

2 thoughts on “Something to start the year with!

  1. Gracias por todo tu trabajo !
    Aprender un idioma puede ser muy divertido gracias a personas como tu.
    Soy española y tuve la oportunidad de asistir a una de tus clases en San Diego.Me encantó tu pasión por la cultura y por mi lengua
    Maria Asunción

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