Syllabi that are always under construction!

I am subject to the community college’s grammarian ways when I write my syllabus so what you see mentioned here as a grammar study is really just the focus of our structures at that particular time (or sometimes something we do all year long that they like to see at a specific point in the syllabus!) I have been trying (for the last two years) to work up to a course based solely around novels and their cultural themes. Meh, it hasn’t quite come together yet but this is where I ended up last year. Much editing to do before next year!! It is a lot of work to come up with a quarter long unit that covers grammar structures, vocabulary, and culture that leads to them reading and discussing a novel and feeling successful!!!

Feel free to look at my syllabi whether you’re a new TPRS practitioner, an old one, or a skeptic. This has worked really well for me and execution seems to get better each year too. As more novels come out, I hope to have more topics to work with. I piloted my own book La Calaca Alegre last year and now that it is going to print, I plan to do it at the beginning of level three because I want to join @placido in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood (where the novel is set) for their Day of the Dead festivities as our post reading excitement!

Syllabus Spanish IV

Syllabus Spanish III

Syllabus Spanish I

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