Guerra Sucia History Fair Performance Based Assessment

We are tying up our study of the Guerra Sucia in Spanish four and are gearing up for a spoooooky unit that is a collaboration with Kristy Placido. I always wonder what is the most authentic way to assess what they know at the end of a long unit like this one…

First let me tell you about our unit study. We watched two films: La Historia Oficial, Cautiva. We read the novel Guerra Sucia. We did many of the cultural activities in the teacher’s guide but also did some of our own cultural studies. One of the things that went really well was a “flipped classroom” project that we did using Evernote. I made an evernote folder of sites with information on those who disappeared during the dirty war. I sent the link to the folder through the app Remind101 so that all of the kids could access the resources. They came to class and shared 5 facts about one person who disappeared during the war. As students presented, the audience wrote down the name of the disappeared person, two of the facts about them and one question they would like to ask the presenter. It kept everyone very engaged as their classmates presented…

Now we have a ton of good information about Argentina and we need a way to present it. Using Kristy Placido’s Spanish Civil War art gallery project as a guide, I created a Dirty War history fair project. I wanted to use infographics as the project format because they are so popular right now but I couldn’t guarantee the school’s sketchy internet service would allow them all to be working at the same time… and a lot of sites want membership fees for access to anything but the templates! So we are doing it as a hybrid. They will use the computers to research and collect the graphics for their project but will print them and create a posterboard infographic.

This morning as I was reading on twitter, I noticed that @sraslb had a great project on her blog She had a cocktail party with her class (sparkling grape juice, appetizers)! This would be GREAT with both Kristy’s civil war art museum and my guerra sucia history fair. I am going to ask younger students to come out of study hall and be the servers during the fair…. I think it will make it very realistic!

I’m sharing the project guidelines and we have completed it, I will share thoughts about how it went! If you decide to do it, I would love to hear what your class thinks!!!Guerra Sucia Infographic and History Fair

7 thoughts on “Guerra Sucia History Fair Performance Based Assessment

    • So the cocktail party got me thinking about that too. What if the culminating assessment is a campfire (fake obvi) and everyone sits around it eating s’mores and telling their own ghost story including scary music?

  1. Hi! I’m wondering if you could tell me what “Guerra sucia” novel you use? I would love to check it out for my IB class! Thanks!

  2. Would you be willing to share where you found the stories of the individuals from Argentina? Thanks!

  3. Carrie–thanks so much for the awesome ideas! I love this history fair concept. I’m going to try it, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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