Workshop at Marquette follow-up

Thank you so much for attending today! You were a great Korean class! To find my classroom website, go to and click the link for Carlyle High School. At the bottom of the page you will find a link to my teacher page. I uploaded my slideshow to my downloads page and there are a lot of great resources on my homepage.

Be sure to check out to see Kristy Placido’s blog posts and Laurie Clarcq’s blog at!!

If you have any questions, would like to visit my classroom, or would like help finding more TPRS training, let me know!!!

6 thoughts on “Workshop at Marquette follow-up

  1. Hi Carrie, was this workshop for Korean teachers or for Korean students? I’m a TPRS trained Korean language teacher in Oregon. I’m always on the look out for other Korean teachers who might be using TPRS/CI. If you know any, I’d love to connect with them. Thanks!

      • Thanks for your reply, Carrie. I know the workshop took place several years ago. But I’m wondering who did the Korean demo and if you can help me get in touch with that teacher.

  2. Hello ! Im trying to learn korean with tprs method but i dont know any teachers that teach this way. I currently teach spanish with tprs method. Im trying to connect with the korean tprs community or maybe do language exchange.

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