Both at NTPRS and at the workshop I gave here at home I was asked about my syllabi.  It is difficult to imagine what the syllabus looks like for a TPRS classroom since our plans are so fluid.  As TPRS teachers, we sort of “go with the flow” or more formally, we monitor how the kids are responding to the structures we are teaching and are not guided by the pacing of a traditional text.

Our school website has such an inconvenient name that it is hard to tell people how to find me there.  Here is a link to my downloads folder where you can find my syllabi if you are interested in seeing how I approach the idea of a fluid syllabus that still addresses the admin’s need to know exactly what is happening in my class.

Have suggestions?  I’d love to hear how you created your syllabus!  Mine is CONSTANTLY in a state of change because every year I find new, wonderful things to do in my classroom!!  🙂

Have a great last few weeks of summer!  I am back in school 2 weeks from today!  Guess my next post should be about what I am going to do those first few days!

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