El extraterrestre…

In Spanish 1 I wanted to introduce tenía and era. They know a lot of body parts from TPR so I gave them a sheet of white paper and had them do a listening activity. I told them (in Spanish) that I saw an alien last night at my house and I asked them to draw him as I described him. He HAD a head but it WASnt a circle. It WAS different. It WAS not a circle… We went on like that… He had a lot of hair, he had 8 eyes. The eyes WERE different… Etc. The aliens were cute, I used my structures a lot, and they had some good CI time.


Balada de los dos abuelos

On my website I posted the words to the poem color coded by whose thoughts I take the lines to be.  I cut out all of the lines by color and backed them with matching scrapbook paper.  At the top of a piece of poster board, I put a picture representing the black grandfather, a picture representing the conquistador grandfather, and a picture of Guillen.  I attached the lines of the poem in order to the posterboard in the appropriate space for each person.  If you disagree with my choice of colors for the different thoughts, please feel free to change them to suit your own classroom!  It was a couple of hours work but I enlisted the family to help with cutting, glittering (I’m not sure you can see it but its there!), and sticking!  I also found a youtube video with some pictures that I am going to show after we have read the poem and discussed.  It has some good pictures to represent the poem but weird choice of music! 😉


Pablo Neruda anyone?

I love Neruda’s poems and in level 3 and 4 they are great authentic reading that doesn’t frustrate the kids!  I found this video a couple of years ago on youtube and in the description it said that it was made using an audio recording that Neruda made of himself reading some of his poems.  So I say to you that it is Neruda reading his own poem but the good people of youtube could have made that story up. 🙂  In the file with it are a power point about Neruda, a sheet with the word  to the poem and cloze activities for Spanish 1 or Spanish 2+.  Enjoy!!